My law practice is focused on helping clients create organizations that have real value and withstand the test of time. The advice, counsel and services I provide generally fall into three areas: governance, risk management and compliance.


To create an organization that lasts, it is imperative that principled leadership and sustainable business practices be woven into the formative and operational documents of the organization. I can prepare formation documents and develop by-laws, operating agreements and corporate policies and procedures that help you instill a culture of corporate responsibility, sustainability and ethical conduct to guide the evolution and growth of your enterprise.

Risk Management

To ensure that an organization lasts, it is imperative to identify, evaluate and prioritize the risks particular to your organization. I can help you identify and analyze the risk environment in which your organization operates so that you can make informed decisions as to how to best implement and prioritize risk mitigation strategies and procedures. With this knowledge in hand, you can improve the odds that your enterprise will successfully navigate the risk exposure inherent in your industry.


To grow an organization, it is imperative that it avoid the pitfalls that can occur by being in breach of a legal, regulatory, fiduciary, contractual, ethical or other obligation imposed by the enterprise’s charter, by-laws, policies or procedures. Therefore, it is imperative to implement a robust compliance program to cover not only the aforementioned obligations but that also has a visionary eye towards evolving societal norms that have an impact on your organization. I can help you set up such a program or run the program for you as outside counsel.

The following table provides an overview of the advice, counsel and services that I provide.

Business and Commercial Law Business Intelligence
Corporate Formation
and Governance
Due Diligence
Employment, Non Disclosure and
Non Competition Agreements
Enterprise Risk Management Plans
and Audits
Contracts, Leases, Financing
and Insurance
Copyright, Trademark
and Licensing
Case and Claim
Information Privacy
and Security
Liability Exposure

I charge a flat hourly rate, with no hidden fees or costs, and offer flat fee billing on projects with a clearly defined scope and deliverables. If you would like to know more about me and my approach to the practice of law, and how I might be able to help you create, protect and grow an enduring enterprise, please browse the links on this site and read my blog.

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