I just read a good article on how “the retweet” has ruined the internet (or at least social media) and some solutions for mitigating the harm of retweets because #SharingIsNotAlwaysCaring!

Image depicting words that describe social media on a blackboard. Image by Kevin King(Chandana Perera) from Pixabay

Social media has truly been a double edged sword for society. Although it can be great for amplifying the impact of marketing campaigns, the damage to an organization’s reputation can be disastrous when bad news becomes viral.

Any enterprise would be well served these days by having a well thought out risk management plan that addresses the risk of reputational harm when bad news, or even an allegation of bad news, spreads like wildfire on social media. Planning for this potential risk and having an adequate incident response plan in place could make the difference between gently riding a negative social media wave or sustaining tsunami scale reputational harm.

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