Photograph of "Enough" Banner.

Yesterday, June 2, 2020, the people of Maryland made it clear in the primary election, that now, more than ever, we need Joe Biden in the White House!

Out of a very crowded field of candidates, I had the honor of being elected as a delegate to represent the people of Maryland’s Third Congressional District at this year’s Democratic National Convention (DNC). Thank you to all my friends, neighbors and fellow citizens who voted for me. I’d like to extend my congratulations to the other delegates that were elected in the Third Congressional District and also all of the candidates that ran to be a DNC delegate. Although some say that these are dark days for our democracy, my faith in our democratic process is buoyed by the large number of candidates that ran for delegate in this year’s primary election.

Joe is the right man for the job in these deeply troubled times and in this most important election of our lifetime. He is the candidate best suited to help heal the wounds of division that have befallen our nation. Joe has a proven track record of bringing people together to work for the common good. To quote Maryland State Senator Jim Rosapepe:

We hope the big vote for Joe sends a message of hope. Now more than ever, good people can come together behind a good person for a good cause.

Now the hard work of getting Joe in the White House begins. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the election will likely involve a combination of early voting, vote by mail and traditional voting on election day. As a delegate, I pledge to do everything I can to ensure that my fellow citizens in the Third Congressional District have their voices heard and their votes counted. If we all vote, I’m confident we will bring the change our country needs by electing Joe Biden as our next President!

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